G1/2 water flow sensor flowmeter Hall flowmeter 4 lines X 15
G1/2 water flow sensor flowmeter Hall flowmeter 4 lines X 15
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G1/2 Water Flow Sensor Flowmeter Hall Flow Meter 4 Wire With Temperature Sensing


This water flow sensor is mainly composed of a plastic valve body, the flow of rotor components and a hall sensor. It is installed in the water heater inlet, which used to detect water flow, when the water pass through flow rotor components, magnetic rotor rotation and speed changes with the flow, hall sensor output pulse signal and feedback to the controller to judge the size of the water flow, for control.


This product appearance light and agile, small size,easy to install
Inlaid with stainless steel impeller shaft, always wear-resistance
The seal with the upper and lower force structure never leaks
The Hall element is imported from German,and use potting package, prevent water and never aging
All of this raw materials are all in accord with ROHS testing standards


Length: 61mm
Width: 36mm
Line length: 100-240mm
Frequency: F = 7.5 x Q (L / Min)
Error: ± 2
Voltage :3.5-24VDC, current can not exceed 10mA, finished a liter of water flow pulse output 450
Frequency calculation= constant 7.5 x frequency calculation unit flow (L / min)  x Time (seconds)
Flow range :1-30L / min

Output waveform:

Red IN connector positive    
Yellow OUT signal output line    
Black GND then negative    
Green R Resistors (3950K 50K)

Scope of application water heater, POS, automatic water machine  and flow metering device, etc
basic parameter Lowest rated voltage DC 4.5 5V-24V
Maximum power current 15 mA (DC 5V)
Working voltage range DC 5-18V
Load capacity ≤10 mA (DC 5V)
Temperature range ≤80
Humidity range 35 to 90 PH (No frost)
Allowing less pressure water pressure below 1.75Mpa
Storage temperature -25°C to +80°C
Storage humidity 25 to 95 PH


Non-violent shock, and chemical erosion
Non-throwing or hitting
Medium temperature should not exceed 120°C

Package included:

1 x G1/2 Water Flow Sensor